Fashion is all about setting trends and not following trends.Imagine going to bed on Monday when denim is the in just to wake up on Tuesday to find out that people moved to wearing tapestry.How annoying can that be,especially if you are the type who likes to look fashionably on trend at all times.When your living in a world where chiffon becomes the new lace and orange the new black overnight,then you got to find your own personal style.

How do you do it?
Simple.Be a smart shopper.When shopping for clothes,buy things that are likely to stay on trend for a long time.Monochromes,Graphic prints,Houndstooth and Tribal prints have forever been on trend.Peplums and colour blocks are also a runway favourite for two seasons now.

2.Find a designer.
Invest in your own personal fundi and make the most out of it.Get different ideas from magazines and get him/her to make whatever it is that you like.Tailor-made clothes are indispensable because they give a good fit and can be altered to create something different and alluring.
3.Get a signature look.
You can opt for a permanent style that people identify you with.For instance,top notch Fendi designer is always in black and white suits with fingerless gloves that compliment his hair.You too can come up with something of your own.Am always seeing Alexa Chung in chiffon shirts.Khris Jenner is forever in classy custom made suits.For an outgoing person,get bold accessories like statement watches or piercings for your signature look.Its all about finding your own identity.

Lastly,go through your closet.Am sure there are those clothes that you have only worn once because they are out of season or are hard to pair.As a fashionista,you have to be innovative.You can change the style by adding new buttons,cropping or even adding new pieces of fabric to make them look ravishing.Dig into your mom’s closet for those 90’s pieces and dress them in the most elegant way.

With all these taken modestly,then there is no reason for you not to look fashionable.Remember,image matters.
Simples.Peggy ♥ Juma553656_375334215858539_740863773_n


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