I was walking in town just the other day and i have to say i was impressed with what i saw.Nairobi is quickly turning into a fashion hub and can even be compared to New York.That there us vogue in every continent apart from Africa is rather shocking.According to Anna Wintour,’Africa is not ready for vogue.’It’s like saying that we have not matured fashion-wise but no hard feelings,she does not know what she is missing.There is so much street style going on according to what i have seen and witnessed here in Nairobi and even in other countries in Africa. For upcoming photographers and bloggers,this should be your target spot for a start.Take advantage of the phenomenal  sense of fashion employed by fellow Nairobians.One thing about it is that you can never run out of ideas. Stop someone kindly and ask the name and their idea of fashion.Compliment the dressing and ask if you can take pictures.Feel free to ask more questions and feature this in your blog.It’s better to do this than copy paste someone else’s ideas.Remember,fashion is all about originality so stay relevant to that. Focusing on street style can be the best thing that can happen to you as a fashion or a photography blogger This is because everyday you get something new and fresh.If its vintage,retro,modern,preppy or edgie,its all here.All you have to do is make your pick. So before you leave the house,make sure you have your camera with you to capture all  those fashionable moments.After all,a picture is worth a thousand words..       Xx Peggy ♥♥ Juma.




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