A socialite is a person who goes to alot of fashionable parties and is often written about in the newspapers e.t.c! . . .that’s according to my dictionary but i cant say that there is more definition that can be added to it.

For those who have been slowly climbing the ladder to fame and want an instant push to the top,this could be your dream come true.

First of all,you have to make a name for yourself.Associate with the right people and get them to like you.Actors,actresses and artists can be great for a start and before you know it,you might be dining in the presidential state house.

Secondly,come up with a style of your own.Dress in a unique way like maybe showing up in a classic white dress to an event where everyone is rocking shorts and you will stand out.Dress.Impress.Dare to be different.

Another thing,when you are at the event,hang around the already known socialites.They attract alot of attention to them which means alot of lights camera action going on.Be calm,dont act like you are on some undercover mission.Act like yourself.

Lastly,avoid drama at all costs.You’ve reached so far to kill it all in a snap.Its good to be talked about because of your beauty and stuff but talk is cheap..it can turn into a nightmare when all goes wrong.

Dolls…get your party dress on and your make-up in check.Go rock that party like a rockstar.Keep calm and talk that talk


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