I love events,especially those that call for high fashion.The American Music Awards red carpet saw glamour like never before.Of course there were those looks that made me want to puke but am gonna start on a positive note by focusing on my best looks.
For the looks that stole the night,my first one has to be Kesha.She took a risk with the hair color but it turned out to be perfection.I loved the Micheal k. gown with the high slit that she wore and am so happy she did not go all crazy with the garmentkesha-amas-2013-red-carpet
My second favourite look is Naya Rivera.The plundging neckline is a big dare but this beauty trained her girls well for the night.She looked so gorge with the hair and i love that she went minimal with the make up.The cuffs on the dress are also worth noting.Her overall look says one thing:fabulous


Ciara!!Her J.Mendal gown deserves high marks as one of the best looks of the A.M.A’s.The dress with all the panels and cuts was overall glam and it flattered her figure in the most phenomenal way.

Katty Perry!!I love the way the gown was playful and fun which is typically Katty Perry.She is this energetic girl and she brought it in her choice of garment.The hair was  glam and her bold red lip-do screamed sexy vamp in a vavavoom way.I loved her.

Moving on to the worst of the worst looks of the night..Heidi Klum carries the crown home.She looked like she was going for a costume party but found herself at the A.M.A’s by accident.There was too much fringing on the dress which was disturbing and am not amazed because am her biggest fan.I watch project runway day in day out.Its so sad.5th harmony also looked bersek..yuck!

To finalize..i have to mention my fav boy band one direction who all look sophisticated.Zendaya was also worth noting and the Kardashians!!♥♥one_direction_zayn_malik_loius_tomlinson_liam_payne_harry_styles_niall_horan_amas_2013_red_carpet_1995bbi-1995bcpfifth-harmony-worst-dressed-amas-2013kendall-kylie-jenner-american-music-awards-2013


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