Giorgio Armani has been a household name for decades and decades.He’s known for bringing high fashion to the red carpet in the 80’s earning himself a name as the master of elegance.His pieces are timeless and are only worn by those who know what class is all about.From time to time,Armani has managed to stay relevant to fashion with his expertise of understanding the womans figure.This is where his gentleman side comes out because of his ability to comprehend and compliment the female silhouette.His audience describe his shows as excellent and exciting and his pieces…nothing but an understated elegance.To me,each of his pieces from the 80’s are refreshing and wearable in the modern era.He designs classics for today,yesterday and tommorrow staying true to fashion all the way.Armani likes it when his fabrics are talked about because it is one of the most important elements of design.He knows his textures well and working with them is his forte.Armani has become one of the most important factors in fashion today and anything that comes out of his mouth instantly becomes a fashion quote….‘the difference between fashion and style is quality’
                    ~Giorgio Armani.
and many more quotes.Simples!!♥♥


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