I’ve become a big fan of music of late.However,my reasons for loving these songs are not entirely based on what they sing , but the mad fashion they employ on videos.Artists have learnt the fact that in order to produce something that will appeal to all audiences,they have to dress the part.Take for instance Beyonce’s latest album.Listening to her songs may not be the best thing but wait till you actually see the videos.Her taste for fashion is impeccable – youthful,modern and is something a fashionista may want to try.Taking a example from a song on the album ,XO, where she is rocking a blonde hair do,bold lips bold makeup and a totally ubarn chic look ;a statement tee and nice pants.In words it may not seem all fierce but wait till you see how she pulled it all together,you’ll love her.This is a very good reason as to why you should get that album.

My other favourite is Christina Aguilera’s song titled ‘Your body’ which inspired me to try color on my hair.Its also my way of saying black is the new boring and bold color is the revolution.But before you rush to spice up your hair color,please see to it that your going for a shade that suits your complextion.If your not so sure about what you want,how about trying the chalk dip-dye to highlight the tips of your hair.If your daring enough you can always go wild-ala Rihanna.Changing your hair color is a way of revamping your style this year.

Another music video fashion icon is Janelle Monae.She is the epitome of retro glamour with the hair do’s and her love for monochromes.Her style is loud and proud and comands attention without trying so hard.For those days that you want to make a statement at a party or event,Janelle’s style is a good option.Steal her style and the attention will all be yours.

The do’s and dont’s of music video fashion steals*
·We all are big fans of Nicki Minaj but please DON’T happily embrace the weird colors.Life is not a circus and neither are you a clown.
·DO cover your body decently like Paloma Faith.Who wants to see chunks of meat hunging from your body.
·We love dancehall music but please spare me the shorts amd stockings combo.DONT be spotted rocking this,its not a trend.

At this pace,am seeing music videos being the next go to source for fashion trends.Dont say that i din’t tell you when it actually happens.


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