Am so sorry that i haven’t been so active my blog but theres alot thats been happening in my life that i choose not to talk about.
My main topic today is on dressing for the most elegant events in Nairobi,that is,Zens Fashion High Tea and Concour D’elegance. Even as their names suggests,these two events are a summon of Nairobi’s most fashionable people. This is where the socialites make a stop,the stylists and the makeup artists mingle,the bloggers and photographers build a story,the designers and editors discuss about whats in store for them. In short,the ‘it crowd’ of Nairobi hang out at such events. My advice,if your an upcoming person in the fashion industry,make sure you stop by at these two events. Get to mingle with the who is who of Nairobi city.

To make an appearance at such places,the key thing is that you have to dress to impress. Make heads turn with your over the top fashion sense and live to be remembered. If you’re clueless on how to wow the crowd, here are some tips that may come in handy.

First of all, makeup matters a lot. To make your face glow,be wise to follow
the daily beauty routine:cleanse, tone, moisturise. After that you can choose between minimalism or a completely over the edge makeup do. A low-key look is always the safest choice.


Another important thing is your hair. Save your bad hair days for your living room and make a point of seeing your hair stylist.

On dressing up, maxis and jump suits should be a conservative girls best friend. If you bold enough, go big on florals, midriff baring crops on pencil skirts and body-cons. Kaleidoscopic prints, sheer lace and plundging necklines are better left for daring divas but it depends on the persons taste, moods and virtues because I believe anyone can wear anything.

Headgears define elegance in another level and so does diamonds and pearls. Make your jewelry loud and proud and let it not compete for attention. Jewelry should always complement. Remember that!

Lastly, there’s nothing more that would make a woman standout other than her own smile so flash out that fine set of pearly white teeth. Also remember to keep your heels high and your head higher. Its all about the confidence. Simples.

Annabel Onyango’s bold floral choice.

The fashionable crowd at fashion high tea 2014 edition



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