What’s In For The Future Of Fashion In Kenya??


The fashion industry is something we like to throw words at…’competitive’ ‘vast’ ‘highly-evolving’ e.t.c. All this vocabulary make perfect sense when we find it hard to keep up with trends. As if magazine were not enough,a new trend sprung up called blogging. For fashion victims,it has made life easier for them thanks to the daily #OOTDs and runway access posted up by bloggers. Still going to the extremes,television networks came up decicated to all things fashion. To name a few, well you know them, E!Entertainment, Style network, Fashiontv and oh..how can I forget Africa most coverted station, Spice tv. They all swore to serve a purpose of keeping us entertained and fashion-forward at the same time. With all this tv work,blogging and magazine gospel,fashion has become a culture – the most undisputed way of life

For someone like me who is obsessed with fashion,i find it sad that I have to rely mostly on the international platform to keep up with trends. But what can you do when in your own country,three-quater of the magazines’ content is on female crisis,majority of fashion designers cant let go of the ankara print and the only fashion moment on tv is on what a news caster is wearing. Seriously!! I bet Lupita wont be spotted in any high end event wearing a made in Kenya.

I bet this girls are making fun of the situation.

To save the future of the fashion industry in Kenya,my advice is this…
·Designers should diverse on the materials they use..haven’t they heard of luxe,leather,silk e.t.c. Infact ankara should be given a holiday vacation and never come back!
·Another thing to designers,try booking international shows..Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and the rest..Let your voice be heard through what you design.
·More fashion based magazines please!! Those female ‘issues’ have become a nuisance now.
·Makeup artists and stylist should also promote their work by sharing it on you tube and also on tv. It can a motivation for those who want to venture in the same career.
·Lastly..we should try and incorporate more fashion buzz in tv..This days I switch on the tv and all i hear is about the raging homocides and ICC cases..blah blah blah..It get boring at some point.

Well I hope to see change some time soon. Thank you for taking your time to read this.♥

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