The Trend:Pointed Heels

They are in!
They are hot!
They are the shoes we are all lusting for!

Pointed heels are the new rave about town and depending on your taste,they will not only wow your outfit but will also elongate your legs and make them look as sexy as hell. This shoes can be played up with almost any outfit in your closet to archive a completely chic look hence proving to be fabulously versatile.

Shopping for this shoes is just as fun as wearing them. They come in a variety of designs-toe capped,ankle strapped,studded- and also a rainbow of colors-white,mint,neude, black,red and the rest. When setting for the whites,keep in mind that white screams class all the way. They should always sparkle and should be dressed in a way that feels royal.
The bright colors say that your all about the fun with a hint of glamour and will always stand out with any outfit you wear.

So if you’re looking for a way to dress effortlessly stylish and chic,settle for nothing less than the pointed heels.

studded chic!

solange in knockout white heels

Rihanna chose the nudes to compliment her summery look.

Beyonce’s orange number brightens up her monochromes.


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