Mac lipstick review

1.Candy yum yum

Its the like best neon lipstick ever and the best part is that it can go well with all skin shades…how fantastic can that be!!


2.Shy girl creme sheen

If you have really dark African skin like mine,you’d probably want to buy this..its like the coolest nude lipstick by mac.


3.Lady danger matte

Its really orangy which is a big color at the moment..wear it during summer at the beach and stand out of the crowd


4.Smoked purple matte…

If your a fan of purple lipstick,you’ll really fall in love with this one..its so crazy,think Rihanna on monster video


5.Ruby woo

Its actually one of the colors from Rihanna’s mac collaboration. Its so loud and perfect for dare devils


6.Feel my pulse cream sheen

Am completely in love with this one..its soft and really creamy…you should get it if your not so sure about smoked purple…



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