Maxi Skirts:How We Are Wearing Them This Summer

This is one of the oldest trends in the history of fashion. Style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy have all passed through the maxi phase. Depending on how you dress it,the maxi can translate to a classy look,bohemian,vintage,indie or anything. This summer we are finding even better ways to wear it for a fun and spicy look.

1.Fringe it!!
This is a simple DIY. Ahaha,sorry,its really not that simple but it can be achieved. With your marker pen and a ruler,draw straight lines on the skirt (make sure your doing this on the inside of the skirt)Carefully with a steady hand,cut the lines to the length that you want with a pair of scissors and voila!!you have yourself a fringed maxi skirt.

Tip:pair up your fringed skirt with biker boots for a bohemian or grungy overall look.

2. Slit it up!!
This is my favorite DIY actually. Its too easy and the result is so sensual,you’ll want to do it to all your maxis. Take a scissor and make a slit on the side that you want. High slits will definitely expose your legs so you will want to make sure that your thighs are all toned up and waxed.

Tip:best worn with a cropped top

3.Knot it!!!
No scissors involved (phew!!!!!!) Sometimes cutting up my clothes gives me a major scare,its like am cutting up a bunch of dollars,which is really creepy. So for this look,gather up a reasonable amount of fabric from your skirt and tie a knot,literally. Its so easy,no fuss and you can always undo it and wear it normal….simples!!


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