Midi Madness

The midi trend is one trend am crazy about this moment. I love everything from the rings to skirts and dresses. They are a must have and here is how to rock them.

Midi Rings
They look good when paired up in bulk or you can stack them up in a finger. The choice is yours. Remember to have your nails in good condition because they will attract attention to your hands.

Midi skater skirt
A lot of bloggers have been dorning this trend from Tuula vintage to Wendy Nguyen of Wendys Lookbook. They are so madame and can be worn with anything from a cropped top to a cartoony shirt. When wearing this trend don’t forget to wear your towering heels to elongate your legs.

Midi pleated skirt
Wearing them is no different to the skater midi. Remember to keep it fabulous and glamorous.

sources : glamour,asos,so femminine, Lou what wear,choies,


3 thoughts on “Midi Madness

  1. Noemi says:

    I like very much midi rings, but I’m afraid I could easily lose them in my pockets or in my bag. I prefer the adjustable ones, anyway. The midi skirt is really classy, I particularly like it with a loose t-shirt, the way is worn by the girl with the yellow one.


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