Nail Trends

My nails are not the greatest in the world so saying that i did any of this mani’s will be a total lie. I’ll face it, am not a nail art guru or anything but i love good looking nails. I don’t care if its in or out of season,if it makes me happy, I’ll wear it. All this DIY’s on pinterest and Tumblr though, they don’t make sense to me but ill keep trying till i become a master of manicures.

Stiletto nails

Stiletto nailss are a celebrity favorite. Kylie Jenner, Kelly Osbourne,Rihanna cant get enough of this nail do.As much as its trending, overdoing it can make be mistaken for Medusa so be simple with it. The sharp edge makes enough statement already.

Aztec Nails

Pretty Nude

This nail art just drives me insane. I love them bright and artsy and they are very good for summer. Sometimes i think they are quite impractical. I mean, who has the patience to be drawing tiny lines on their nails.

Graphical Nails

fall colors

neon::::: find more women fashion ideas on

These nails have won it as a runway favorite. There is no fashion week that can happen without graphical nails going down the catwalk. They are easy to do, my trick is using a tape to get perfect lines and it works all the time.

Half moon Mani’s

Last but not least,the amazing half moon mani’s. Not so many people have embraced it quite yet but its worth a try.

Sources: tumblr, Pinterest


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