Rihanna Out and About in a DANGEROUS WEAPON!!

rihanna-santa-monica-saint-laurent-norma-kamali-sweats-new-balance-3Riri was spotted in Santa Monica just last night in possession of two very lethal weapons. Haha!! No need to raise an alarm here, its just a clutch bag.

Known for her prowess in setting trends, Rihanna was spotted in company of not one but two really creative looking clutch purses. This trend known as the double bag trend is not new to us. Of course its her who did us the honor of starting it. 😉

Apart from the Saint Laurent Paris printed leather clutch and its side chick a  Bo gun chain strap purse, her outfit also deserved some thumbs up. The cropped number paired with a brick red pleated skirt and sporty accessories just shows more reasons why she got an award for dressing up..i mean..shes always on her game,always looking fabulous and always cropping up a new trend. rihanna-santa-monica-saint-laurent-norma-kamali-sweats-new-balance-5  rihanna-santa-monica-saint-laurent-norma-kamali-sweats-new-balance-4 Source: fashionbombdaily.com


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