10 Reasons Why Watching Fashion Bloggers Can Change your Life as a Blogger


Margaret Zhang of Shine by Three

For me, the Tv series fashion bloggers was the ultimate invention in the fashion blogging history. Who knew bloggers could get that much recognition. How it will change your life? this is how… 1. Get an insight on the bloggers personal lives. This includes all their day to day activities, running up and down to put together a post.

2.Get to know how to brand yourself. “instagram is how,” says Margaret Zhang of Shine by Three  . “It is important to create content  that will build up a loyal audience no matter how many followers you’ve got.

3. So you can monetize your blog? Yes! See the bloggers work with designers, companies by promoting the products on their blogs and guess who will be cashing out checks!

4.Inside scoop on fashion week.Die of jealousy seeing the fashion bloggers get front row seats and backstage access and wish it were you.

5. Still on fashion week, the bloggers get to share tips on how to pack for fashion week.

6.Learn how to create good content for your blog.Haper and Harley blogger Sara Donaldson advices that it is important to take good quality images.

7. Yet again, life is to short for boring clothes. Get to learn where the bloggers get their outfits from  and become ultimate trendsetters.

8. See the bloggers share their experiences on how they started blogging and the journey through it. Maybe this could be motivation enough to push you  to start yours.

9. Apart from blogging, there are other fashion foward things you can do to pay the bills. Sara Donaldson has a whole line of fabulous shoes, Margaret Zhang is a professional photographer.

10. A series on blogging,c’mon! Isn’t that every fashionistas dream.

Video: My Fashion Blogger Journey

Zanita Whittington


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