Simple Product Review

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As a girl, there reaches a certain point in life that you have to stop using soap and swap it for an effective skin care product. Every type skin is different, every type of skin has certain needs. Before you embark on choosing a product for your face, see to it that you know your skin type. You might have an oily skin with a lot of shine, it may be dry and flaky or maybe a combination of both. Choose something that will carter for that. I find it really sad when someone spends a lot of money buying something that doesn’t bring out the expected results.

After doing a lot of routine practices to establish my skin type, i turned out to be one of the unlucky people with a dry skin. This means that if am not wearing any moisturizer  when am going out, my  skin will start peeling off at the first exposure to the sun. Apart from that, i have a very sensitive skin. I can’t use any harsh product or anything with strong scent and get away with it.

Previously was using baby oil to help with the moisturizing work but went a notch higher by purchasing simple products. Simple is a brand that is dedicated to producing skin care products for people with sensitive skin. Its demagogically approved and is found worldwide at quite an inexpensive price. I bought a moisturizing facial scrub and a replenishing moisturizer.

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Both products promise vitamins (pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E), no harsh ingredients and no artificial perfume or ingredients. This means that if your skin is sensitive, it probably wont be upset by using the product.

I’ve been using simple for the past 5 months and so far i have no regrets. It works great in removing daily dirt and also leaves my skin feeling refreshed and  brilliant. I haven’t experienced any breakouts or flaking since i first started using it. I’d recommended it to anyone whose looking for a product that deals with skin sensitivity. Its really awesome.. ❤

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           Always remember that it is important to wash your face twice daily!


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