5 ways to have an amazing instagram

1. The coffee post
Well,  if you haven’t noticed every one is pretty much doing it. When you pass by the coffee shop today don’t just order that basic coffee, have some art added to it to get you some likes


2. Flowers.
Trust me, you don’t have to buy flowers for this.  Just stroll around a flower vendors shop and take a pic quickly when no one’s watching.


3. Fitness
Too lazy to work out but your body is on fleek? Am guilty of this but no one has to know. Sometimes you can upload some photos of fruits and pretend how you’re  eating healthy.



4. Sunset/Ocean view
Do you ever find yourself constantly wanting to head to the beach to take photos?  Well, can’t blame you.. even bloggers are doing it.

5. Balloons
I’ve seen it on most accounts and my birthday is days away.. off I go balloon shopping

All photos courtesy of we heart it


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