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Here are my top tips to fake it on Instagram and real life when your living broke.
1. Clothes. Shop at thrift stores where you can bargain and also target sales at high end shopping malls. Try saving a little bit cash for jewellery, it can make a cheap top look expensive in a second.
2. Food and drinks. Well you’re broke but you have an expansive taste for food and drinks. Go for happy hours when cocktails are half the price. Carry a friend to a restaurant and split the bill, especially to restaurants with family meals.
3. Photos. So you have an android but you want your selfies to look like they were taken straight from an iPhone, find your lighting- even if it means standing on top of your light bulb.
4. Friends. How do you get free invites to cool parties and events without knowing people…?
5. Keep faking. I know people who’ve faked for a long time and actually made it. You never know when you’ll be reborn with a silver spoon in your mouth.


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