Make the best out of your college life

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This is not a manual on how to live your college life but suggestions to make it more fun and prepare you for what comes after. Check out the following and get a thing or two to live by.
1. Friends. Whether you are an introvert or some social scorer, it’s good to have friends that will help you create beautiful moments that you’ll keep years after college. Have a small circle. The bigger the crowd the more your likely to fall out.
2. Exercise. The best medicine to all that stress that’s eating you up whether its submission deadlines or your crooked eyeliner. One thing people don’t really know is that when you exercise you increase your stamina for those Netflix and chill moments with bae.
3. Build a network. I strongly advocate making acquaintances with people who will help you get a job after college so you don’t have to struggle.
4. Try saving. It doesn’t matter whether you are saving to buy makeup or shoes. It’s good to form the habit as early as you can because saving requires so much discipline and it’s a must have life skill.
5. Party. Go out, have a drink or two or more. You never know, this might be the only chance to dress up for a wild night with your girls.

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6. Get basic life skills. Learn a thing or two other than what you already know. Learn how to cook, do your own hair, and other simple things like paying bills and fixing stuff around your house. This will help you save a lot of money for other things.
7. Date. Be in as many relationships as you want and don’t waste time regretting or waiting for an ex whose never coming back. If you don’t like the guy you’re in a relationship with, leave. Go for those stupid tinder dates, even though most of them don’t really work out.
8. Make mistakes. Sometimes bad choices really shape us. Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t dwell too much on perfection.
9. Make YouTube your best friend. YouTube is a world of its own. I’ve learnt to cook from YouTube, edit pictures, do my makeup, and even decorate my dorm room. There’s so much you could learn, even those you’ve never thought of.
10. Discover yourself. Figure out your talents, your food preferences, your body, sexual preference, your style and try to incorporate. This is the number one key to having a wonderful life.
11.Write your heart out. Keep a journal that you can jot down creative ideas you think about. Write anything you can think of or anything you never want to forget.




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