My New Year’s Resolutions


It’s finally that time of the year when you gotta look at your life and have a game plan.

Most of the time when we make resolutions we don’t really follow them because they are unrealistic.

I came up with a list of things that I want to change or start doing. My list is quite achievable and anyone can borrow ideas from them.

1. Start every day with a clear mind. Don’t pull yesterday’s problems into a new day.

2. Reduce the amount of time I spend online. I’ve realised spending a lot of time online and not with real people has really reduced my social skills.

3. Take exercises seriously. I have a bad habit of stopping a work out after an intensive warm up and be done for the week. I should really stop this.

4. Wash my face twice daily. Am not getting any younger so I have to start loving my skin.

5. Stop being lazy!

6. Drink green tea when I wake up. I want to form the habit of drinking detox tea before I start my day.

7. Go for a pap smear. I’ve been really wanting to get it but scared at the same time. I do realise the health benefits behind it.

8. Save more. I started saving recently and I’ve been able to buy things that I actually need. Saving is great guys!

9. Stop buying clothes that I won’t wear. I have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear.

10. Start wearing spf. I should invest in a moisturizer that does the same job. Anyone with ideas of one? I have sensitive skin.

11. Write at least 3 posts in a week. I haven’t been posting as much in 2015. I hope I can change that.

12. Write blog posts that are relatable to everyone. People love reading what they can relate to.

13. Drink 2 liters of water everyday. My biggest challenge in 2015 was not drinking enough water. Trust me guys, it landed me in hospital.

14. Start wearing mascara. My biggest fear is applying mascara. Lol!

15. Worry less. Worrying can cause wrinkles. Yikes!

16. Have more faith in my hair. I went natural and hair can really test your patience.

17. Be more spiritual. Namaste!

18. Stop putting so much pressure on social media. Your worth is not determined by the number of likes you get on instagram.

19. Cut out alcohol… with the exception of wine.

20. Review my goals. What’s the point of making a resolution without checking if you’ve accomplished them.


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