How to get yourself to workout

Its been almost two months since fitness resolutions were made. We all had goals to get on the workout grind and am sure by now majority will deny that such resolutions were made. I can testify to that.

If you ever find yourself lazy/contemplating to workout, am sure this tips will help:

  1. Watch Victoria’s secret fashion show.
  2. Cry about your life after watching Victoria’s Secret show.
  3. Log in to tumblr, type fitness and cry some more.
  4. Tell yourself that you have the same hours of the day as any girl with rock hard abs and a bubble tush.
  5. Get a notebook and work a plan. Have your goals jotted down and track your progress as you start to train.
  6. If you have a pintrest, create a fitness board to motivate you. You can also download some on your phone.

    Motivation is everything!!!

  7. Get colorful workout gear. You’ll always look forward to wearing nice gym clothes.
  8. Write down your workout routine or get videos from you tube. This way you can sneak in a work out when your busy.
  9. Crunching can get painful and you don have to die while doing it. How about taking a walk or dancing your soul out.
  10. When you start to see results, look into the mirror and tell yourself ” am a bad ass with a good ass”

Nike is goals on instagram

photos courtesy of tumblr


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