5 mistakes that bloggers make on instagram


If you decide to take the road down blogging,  then you know the importance of instagram for networking. A lot of newbies make these terrible instagram mistakes that end up costing you followers.

1. Not posting often.
Is there a reason to get followed if you post pictures once in a blue moon?
A lot of new bloggers make this mistake of not posting often, hindering their chance of generating traffic to their instagram. Sometimes zero instagram traffic might equal zero blog traffic!

2. Uploading bad quality photos.
Once you decide to become a blogger, you have no business posting bad quality pictures. Repeat!! No posting bad quality pictures!
This is the time to invest on a camera if your phone isn’t that great. Better still get a photographer and organize a whole day for shooting once in a week. This will give you enough content to post through out the week.

3. Posting multiple pictures of the same shot
Just because your #ootd is slaying you don’t have to upload 5+ pictures at a go. Bombarding your followers with multiple shots of the same exact thing can really be annoying and they will be quick to hit that until low button.

4. Using white spaces on your instagram.
Unless you are Yasmine Chanel or Sarah Ashcroft and you can uniformly square your photo’s, please ditch the white borders. They do nothing but make your feed unattractive.

5. Not being yourself.
In order to be successful on instagram, you have to find your voice. Copying someone else’s style or photos might not be the best way to do that. Be yourself and everything else will fall in place.

image source: tumblr


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