5 Steps to becoming an instagram baddie

image credit: Janice Joostema-Blog

We are living in a society where people put a lot of pressure and work into their outward appearance. This world is made possible by social media and the term baddie was coined as a result. Am not really advocating for superficialness, but it is my work as a writer to cater for my readers.

First of all, who is a baddie?

A baddie is a girl who is a badass chick or in Instagram terms, doing your makeup and taking pictures in a way that people term as fly and sexy.

Trust me, once you have a good following (#instafamous) you can actually make a living out of it. You will definitely be paid to advertise stuff, such as clothing, shoes, phones e.t.c. plus you get to keep a lot of this “stuff”.

Take it as a new way women are venturing into entrepreneurship.

So how exactly does one become a “baddie”

  1. Dress code.

The typical outfit a baddie wears is anything that will flaunt your curves. High waist skinny jeans and skirts, tight dresses, faux fur- your first shopping point should be fashion nova …it has every outfit hanging in a baddie closet. Designer shoes, sunglasses and handbags are also part of this closet.

2. Make up

I think Kylie Jenner is the eptiomy of baddieville especially when it comes to make up. Your eyebrows should always slay, plus the only way to wear lipstick correctly is by over lining them. Need a clue what that is, maybe a tutorial on YouTube will help. You should also have a glow at all times, how about that Laura Gellar highlight.

3. Hair

Your hair should be long, whether you decide to wear it straight or curly. Short hair is okay but it has to look like Kylie Jenner’s. In case you watch makeup tutorials a lot, you probably know what am talking about.

4. Fitness

Well, if you want to be termed sexy, you have to work out. The baddie world is all about flat tummies and a big bubble butt. Do your squats and cut out all the junk in your fridge. How about a juice cleanse?

  1. Fake it.


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The only way to become instafamous, especially if you are in this baddie category, then your life has to look perfect. Your skin, hair, boyfriend, food- everything you touch is perfection.


So those are my top tips, but trust me it’s better to live a life not caring about numbers on instagram or how you look. Whatever you chose to do with this is upon you.




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