This is what happens when you go vegan for a week

Afternoon delights keeping us going 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Smoothie bowl with organic frozen pineapple, organic berries, coconut milk and @superelixir protein 👊🏻 #itsthebomb with a few Choc Green Mint Protein Balls on the side 🙊The best ever Protein Ball recipe...

source: whole vegan pantry

1.You will experience weight loss especially if losing weight is a challenge for you.Going on a vegan diet means cutting of those fattening foods that most of us crave for and possibly give in to.

With good exercise plus a vegan diet, your body will be summer goals.

2. You will have better moods. Studies show that eating vegan helps to improve your overall mood.

3. Better skin is guaranteed. With all the vitamins packed in these foods, your skin will remarkably glow plus it helps reduce appearance of acne.

4. You will feel good about yourself. Most people find it hard to give up meat so the thought that you were able to do it will have you feeling better about yourself.

5.You will have a lot of energy. Most athletes testify to being more energetic while being on a vegan diet. How about trying it yourself and seeing the results.

6. Your overall health will improve. Yes! Eating vegan reduces the risk of cancer, it improves your immunity and also lowers your chances of getting high blood pressure.

If these don’t give you enough reason to go vegan, head on to Green Kitchen Stories blog and see amazing vegan recipes that will change your mind.




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