15 ways to help you deal with stress


Every once in a while we’ve found ourselves in stressful situations that we have no control over. Maybe we failed to meet others expectations, we’ve lost someone we love, or just went through a terrible heartbreak and feel like its the end of the world. It can be hard to deal with and sometimes stress just shows that we are perfectly human and we have emotions. Its important however not to let stress get in the way we live, or reach to a point where its just not healthy for our well being.

Most of us don’t even know that we are stressed until it starts affecting our friendships unconsciously. Being moody, or avoiding company all of a sudden can mean that you’re under stress. The key to uncovering your emotions begins with self awareness which I’ll talk about later in my blog. In the meant time, here are ways you can deal with stress and learn how to love yourself.

  1. Take a walk. Walking can help your brain release endorphins which in turn boost your mood and gets you feeling happy.
  2. Light scented candles. Believe it or not, scented candles are beneficial for aromatherapy which aims to enhance your psychological and physical well being. For more information check out this link
  3. Take a long bath. Soaking in a warm bath will not only help you relax but also add some health benefits to your overall life. Read here for more.
  4. Journal out you emotions. Have a personal journal where you write about your emotions and also track the progress in which you’ve been able to deal with stress in a positive way.
  5. Spend time in nature. There’s something about being outdoors that calms the mind and just relaxes your body.
  6. Pour yourself a cup of coffee. Scientists have known for many years that coffee stimulates the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine produces the euphoria and pleasant feelings that people often associate with their first cup of coffee in the morning. – Gary L. Wenk on Psychology Today

  7. Watch a funny clip. I personally do this when am stressed. It helps me forget about all the problems in the world when I just laugh.
  8. Curl up with a good book
  9. Avoid people who stress you.
  10. Focus on positive things. Completely cut off negative thinking from your mind.
  11. Talk to someone you love.
  12. Learn to say no.
  13. Get a massage
  14. Cuddle with a pet. Caring for a pet can help you deal with some mental and physical benefits. Dogs in particular can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your cardiovascular health. According to Help Guide.

  15. Learn to forgive.


all images from tumblr


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