3 ways to get yourself to write

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source: Black girls killing it

  1. Set up a beautiful home office. If you are a blogger and you find yourself having a hard time to write, then motivation is all you need.  Start by creating a small space in your room/ house and arrange it in a way that will keep you glued to your chair. Throw in some flowers, and candles or maybe pictures of your loved one. Put to practice your decor skills.
  2. Read more from blogs that write the same thing as you. My personal favorites are Zanita, Who, What, WearBloglovin- The Edit, and Career Girl Daily. They serve as a continuous source of inspiration to me.
  3. Have a notebook with you every time. If you are a writer, then I think you’ve had some instances where you thought of a great blog post idea but it just escapes your mind because you didn’t write it down. Having a notebook will help you jot down any post idea wherever you are. Genius, Right?    source: Tumblr

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