This is how to eat breakfast like a Parisian


Mornin` views

source: Tumblr

After the book how to be Parisian came out, every fashion girl became obsessed with being Parisian or rather practicing their habits. I personally fell in love with the author Caroline de Maigret for her bluntness and her French sophistication. She is just effortlessly flawless, i cant even compete.

I  remember watching her interview with Refinery 29 and she made this statement ‘French women don’t get fat.’ They are not big on breakfast either.  Even when they eat breakfast, it normally comprises of low sugar foods, i guess that’s why the manage to stay so thin.

So what comprises of a typical French breakfast?

  1. Croissant

A croissant is a type of French pastry that comes in different shapes.

source: Tumblr

2. Baguette

A baguette is a long thin french bread almost similar to the croissant.

source: seechelci-blog

3. Brioche

Its also a French pastry with high butter and egg content


source: full cravings

4.Cafe au lait

This is a simple coffee with milk

source: Byadamsky

5. Palmier.

its similar to the croissant but without the yeast.

strawberry palmier from Pitokki

6. Crepes

These are french style pancakes mostly eaten at dessert but can still pass for breakfast.

source: Daily Glamorous

I could continue but at the end of it all, just watch the calorific content of what you are eating because French women don’t get fat.


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