Instagram girls to follow for serious inspiration

awesome Finíssimas Fashion:

Image: Pinterest

1. Yasmine Chanel

The look, of love 💕

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She’s an irish girl living in London and her feed is nothing short of fun, fashion and food. She’s always dressed in the cutest outfits while documenting her absolutely fabulous life trooping in London.
2. Sarah Ashcroft

UK fashion blogger with a taste for good shoes and designer sunglasses. Her feed will give you multiple fashiongarsms.

3. Zama Mguni

[Post-shoot] 🍷 📷: @princeedgie

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Zama is from Durban South Africa and her feed is all rose gold. She has an edgy style and you can’t miss to love her.

4. Lydia Barakat

Lydia’s instagram summarises luxe goals. Always posting her collection of designer shoes and bags and driving some pretty sick cars. Did I mention her body is goals too?

5. Jen Selter

She’s your fitness goals. If you ever need motivation for fitness, scroll through her instagram for inspo. Her body is bomb plus she lost amazing workouts to help you achieve the body of your dreams.


2 thoughts on “Instagram girls to follow for serious inspiration

  1. Olivia-Savannah says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these accounts! I’ve gone and followed three of them – I loved the recommendations. You should do more posts like these x


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