How being more positive has helped me grow as a person

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I’ve been a negative person for the longest time and I didn’t know it until someone close to me mentioned it. After a lot of self-reflection, I realized that my negative attitude has held me back in a lot of ways. Am now on a journey to have a lot of positive energy and spread good vibes to everyone around me.

Self acceptance. Being positive has enabled me to accept myself for who I am. I’ve struggled with a lot of insecurities and I’ve let people walk over me because of that. Learning to accept myself has enabled me to foster good morals and values that I previously didn’t have before. I’ve also gained a lot of motivation to work out and not stop until that 40 minutes I’ve set aside for a workout is over. I now understand the importance of healthy eating and I’ve witnessed large amounts of energy flowing through me by eating the right foods for me.

World. Apart from that, my perception of the world has changed. I’ve learnt to take life easy. Yes, there’s ups and downs but obstacles are just there to motivate you to do better. I can now say I love life which I previously never felt like I did before.

Friendships. I’ve stopped looking at others for their appearances or color but for who they are internally and what impact they can make in the world. This has enabled me create a lot of friendships and make important contacts that would be meaningful to me in future.

Goals. I’ve been able to set and accomplish my goals and this has given me the best satisfaction in myself. I feel good when am able to finish those two chapters of a book before my bed time or being able to put that coin in my savings every month.

Jealousy. I used to look at others who have made it and be so envious. Now I look at them and feel happy on the progress they are making in life. Focusing on my journey has helped me appreciate that of others and appreciate what the are doing.

Hard work. Positivity has made me take any task put on me with a good attitude. I can now do something and not feel like am being a slave. I used to be the laziest person in the world. Now am able to do something and give it my all.

God. Above all I’ve realized that being spiritual and knowledgeable the bible gives one a lot of purpose in life. I no longer feel like my life is meaningless and that I have a duty to myself and to the world.

I hope anyone reading this post gets something out of it.

It’s my wish to spread nothing but good vibes out there.


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