The Number One Thing Highly Self Confident Women Do

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Do you ever look at someone who seems so confident and wonder what it is about them?

The secret towards being confident is not outward beauty. We may have the most expensive hair wigs, the best makeup, designer clothes or just natural beauty and still not feel good enough. Even with beauty, with time it fades away and we’ll have nothing left to boost our egos.

The most confident people in the world instead have positive affirmations. Their minds are filled with positive thoughts about themselves. They understand that in life there are things that can be changed and work on them, and have accepted those that they cannot.

Anything we tell our mind about ourselves is an affirmation. When we feel fear and allow it to control us, that is an affirmation. The more you think of fear, the more you limit your chances of going after what you want. Negative thinking is not limited to fear alone, it could be anger, complaining, procrastination, judging others and so on.

Having positive thoughts is not something that you can work on overnight. It’s a journey that takes one day at a time. Keep reminding yourself that you are a beautiful human being and you deserve the best in the world. Every time have negative self talk, do the opposite.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.


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