Kim Kardashian Wows in NYC

Celebrity Style

Kim kardashian stole away the spotlight in this high slit black dress when she joined her sister Khloe in NYC, to celebrate her 30 birthday this week. This outfit has made rounds in many fashion blogs and websites as look of the week. Do you love Kim’s latest look???

Source (pop sugar)

Style Star:Solange Knowles

Celebrity Style

If there’s one person whose style I covet it has to be hers. I mean,she is such a risk taker and it actually works for her. Her ability to mix different prints in one look is so phenomenal,its like she has a phD for it. She is also know for her outrageous hair styles (XXL box braids,afro etc.) and striking color choices. Whether she’s relaxing at Coachella or trend -spotting on the front row,her outfit is always making bold statements. Her style is such a trademark that if you want to steal it you have to aim at perfection. Beyonce might have it as the most influential woman in the world but Solange has earned a name as one of the most icon fashion figures..