The Struggle of Self Love


image: the-loversanddrifters tumblr

So many people struggle when it comes to loving themselves and knowing their worth. How many times have we stayed in toxic relationships in the name of love? How many times have we compromised our worth because we are afraid of being lonely? We let other people walk over us, abuse us emotionally and physically and above all betray us and we keep our hands wide open to receive them because they say the word sorry.

Sometimes we look in the mirror and all we see is flaws. We tell ourselves that we are not beautiful enough and that we can never find someone to love us. If you don’t love yourself then its not possible to find someone who will love you.We keep trying to find security from other people, constantly seeking affirmation forgetting that it all begins with us.

If you are not obsessed with your own self, don’t date anyone until you find it in you. You have to see yourself as a diamond. You have to try and see the worth in you even if you do not feel it. Otherwise if you feel like a potato, all you will attract is a potato probably with bigger insecurities than yours.

Yes, there are days you will feel like a Victoria Secret model, all confident and all, but the bad days will be there. You will abandon your self love, lose your self esteem and your soul will be crushed to pieces. Coming out of this state will take so much guts because at this point you will have even contemplated death.

Bad times do not last forever my darling. As depressed as you are, you have to pull yourself together, wipe those tears off your face and put on some damn lipstick. Dress up in a way that brings back that Victoria Secret feeling. Keep telling yourself that all will be okay until you start to feel it. Take more risks, do things you love and surround yourself with people that care.

Don’t try cover the wounds because they will mess up your social life. Having trust issues will make your heart ache more. Instead, cry a river if you can. Get a bottle of wine and chocolates and allow yourself to feel the pain. Once your done, put on a smile and take the pain as a lesson. You are a woman with emotions, don’t run away from them.

You lost your job? you can still get another one.

you got dumped? The world population is 7 billion, you will find someone else.

you got cheated on? That person is not good for you. Find someone who will respect you.

As hard as  it is, you have to move on from the people that continue to torch your soul.

Be kind to yourself.




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